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Pachmann diagnostic and Thromboserisiko laboratory in Germany is specialized in conducting diagnostic medical testing in the field of haemostaseology for the purpose of evaluating Thromboserisiko individual and Thromboserisiko determination of risk of thrombosis.

After testing we calculate your own personal risk of thrombosis and advice you in the fields of haemostaseology and thrombosis click to see more. Pachmann laboratory Thromboserisiko only offers advisory service in the field of thrombosis, but can also perform other diagnostic medical testing.

As a physician, Dr. Pachmann can not Thromboserisiko provide you with all standard medical care but also the services of an oncologist, or a laboratory physician and can also give transfusions. If you are interested in Thromboserisiko and clinical examinations, we can help you, especially in the field of haemostaseology.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us or send us your samples. We now offer the "evaluation of the thrombosis risk during pregnancy-thrombotrac S". For the first Thromboserisiko, trombotrtroac S describes the exact risk of thrombosis during the course of pregnancy.

As the recent European Congress on Coagulation revealed, it is clear now, how the increase in risk during pregnancy Thromboserisiko. After all, pulmonary Thromboserisiko are the most common cause of death in pregnant women. This computerized tool enables the physician to give accurate expert advice at all times on a Thromboserisiko transparent Thromboserisiko for decisions, as to weather and from which week of pregnancy on heparin protects more than puts someone at risk.

For the first time the 30 most important factors for developing a thrombosis are identified in relation to each Thromboserisiko with thrombotrac. Individual indicators provide only Thromboserisiko information on your thrombosis risk. This partial information is calculated with thrombotrac in reference to each other and Thromboserisiko obtains a new and meaningful value.

Thrombotrac is always up to date and als die Entfernung von Krampfadern on the latest information. Thromboserisiko selection of the most important factors of more than 1, publications annually is constantly reviewed by Thromboserisiko independent quality circle and scientific advisory board.

Based on your personal data such as. Furthermore you will receive information about your Thromboserisiko risk in special Thromboserisiko such as. With the thrombotrac certificate, you and your physician have a Thromboserisiko basis for decision in dealing with an existing risk of thrombosis. It presents in detail, what kind of protective measures or which Thromboserisiko of protective measures reduces the risk of thrombotic Thromboserisiko the most effective.

Thrombotrac can be provided either only on the basis of your personal data less informative as by also including your blood tests and genetic factors by Thromboserisiko us your blood values taken by your doctor much more meaningful. In both cases you can benefit from the advice of your physician. You can download the thrombotrac Thromboserisiko here. Based on your Cervical Krampfadern während der Schwangerschaft data such as Weight Age Lifestyle habits Furthermore you will receive information about Thromboserisiko increased risk in special situations such as when taking hormone preparations after surgery during and after long-distance flights during pregnancy and the postpartum etc.

Print it Thromboserisiko and take it with you to your doctor! The mailing address is: Laboratory practice of Dr.

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