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Device for endoluminal treatment of a blood vessel with: Endoluminale Laserablationsvorrichtung zur Behandlung von Venen The endoluminal laser ablation apparatus for the treatment of venous translated from German DE U1.

Emitted in the lateral direction here the one hand, over an angular range extending portion of the surrounding vessel wall, which extends over an angular range extending portion is annular. Is substantially conical in shape and is either substantially convex or concave shaped substantially. To reflect in the lateral direction. Breaks in the lateral direction of the surrounding vessel wall. Vorrichtung nach Anspruch 5, die ferner eine sich in axiale Richtung erstreckende Abdeckung The apparatus Wachs Varizen Negative claim 5, further comprising a cover extending in the axial direction.

Deflect in the lateral direction. Is mounted and an inner, radiation reflective surface forms to reflect radiation emitted in lateral direction to the inside and to set the axial length of the lateral radiation emitting distal region.

On the basis of the characteristic of the temperature signals. Is mounted and includes a distal portion that extends distally beyond the distal tip of the waveguide addition, in order Wachs Varizen Negative guide the waveguide through the blood vessel.

Is an optical fiber. The apparatus of claim 13, wherein the annular beam expands over an angular range which is determined by the numerical aperture of the optical fiber. In the lateral direction issued with an extending in the axial direction annular pattern of the surrounding vessel wall. Withdrawing through the blood vessel while the device emits laser radiation having an energy release rate of the agent less than about 30 joules per Wachs Varizen Negative at Wachs Varizen Negative blood vessel wall.

Device according to one of claims 1 to 18, wherein the tip of the device has a rounded shape or formation to facilitate the movement of the Wachs Varizen Negative through the blood vessel. This patent application claims priority to US patent application Ser. Hintergrund der Erfindung Background of the Invention. The present invention relates to devices for endovascular laser treatment, in particular for the treatment of vascular pathologies such as venous insufficiency by means of laser energy Wachs Varizen Negative using a light waveguide.

The venous system of the lower extremities of man Wachs Varizen Negative essentially of the superficial venous system and the deep venous system, which are connected by perforating veins with each other.

The superficial system consists of the great saphenous vein and the small saphenous vein, whereas the deep Wachs Varizen Negative system, the tibialis anterior jugular vein and posterior tibial contains, which unite near the knee to the popliteal vein. The popliteal vein in turn transitions into the femoral vein for union with the saphenous vein. The venous system comprises flaps which cause a unidirectional flow of blood back Wachs Varizen Negative the heart is dominant.

Bei den Venenklappen handelt es sich um Bikuspidalklappen, bei denen jedes Segel eine Blutkammer bildet. In the vein valves are Bikuspidalklappen where each sail forms a blood chamber. The free surfaces of the bicuspid venous valves are pressed together under retrograde blood pressure. Bei normaler Funktion wird ein retrograder Blutfluss verhindert, so dass nur ein antegrader Fluss zum Herzen hin zugelassen wird.

During normal operation retrograde blood flow is prevented, so that only a antegrade flow is admitted to the heart. A bicuspid valve is insufficient, if not completely seal their sails in a retrograde pressure gradient, so that there is a retrograde blood flow.

When a retrograde blood flow occurs, the pressure in the lower sections veins increases, which in turn can lead to a dilation of the veins and an increase in valvular insufficiency. When valvular insufficiency, which is usually referred to as venous insufficiency is a chronic disease that can lead to skin color, veins, pain, swelling and ulceration.

Varicose veins are blood vessels that have extended and twisted and whose walls have just click for source elasticity over time. Due to the dilation of blood vessels, the flaps can not close completely and veins lose their ability to carry blood back to the heart. This leads to an accumulation of blood in the vessels, which in turn further extensions and rotations of the veins is another.

Varicose veins Wachs Varizen Negative usually Wachs Varizen Negative or purple and can emerge in a twisted form from the skin surface, which usually leads to a little aesthetic appearance.

Varicose veins often occur in the superficial veins of the legs, which are subject to high pressure when standing. Other forms of varicose veins include Venous Lakes, reticular veins and telangiectasias. There are a number of treatments for the supply of such vascular pathologies.

Some of these treatments provide only a reduction of certain symptoms, but not used for the removal of varicose veins or prevent them from coming back. These include the Wachs Varizen Negative the legs in a horizontal position or by using a footstool when sitting, wearing elastic stockings and regular exercise or physical activity. Varicose veins are often treated by the removal of incompetent veins. In this bei Krampfadern Männern es ob of treatment is the blood that would otherwise flow through the vein away, redirected by the remaining healthy veins.

There are several methods that can be used to remove problematic insuffzienter veins, such as surgery, sclerotherapy, electrocautery and laser therapies.

In sclerotherapy, a solution is injected directly into the vein Wachs Varizen Negative a thin needle. This solution leads to irritation of the lining of the veins, with click here result that they swell and the blood clots.

Die Vene vernarbt, wobei das Narbengewebe mit der Zeit unsichtbar wird. Scarred the vein, with the scar tissue with time will not be visible. Some doctors treat both varicose and spider veins using sclerotherapy. Among the most commonly used today sclerosants include hypertonic saline or Sotradecol TM Sodium tetradecyl sulfate. Wachs Varizen Negative sclerosant acts upon the inner lining of the vein walls and causes the vein closed and the blood flow is prevented.

Sclerotherapy can cause a number article source Wachs Varizen Negative. Allergy sufferers can suffer allergic reactions can be severe in some Wachs Varizen Negative. If the needle is not inserted correctly, the sclerosant can burn the skin or leave permanent scars or discoloration there.

In addition, it may, at the sclerotherapy in the formation of blood clots or blood clots traveling to come. For larger varices, it Wachs Varizen Negative, according to some studies likely to be opened at a treatment by sclerotherapy again. Therefore, treatment with sclerotherapy is limited generally to veins up to a certain size.

Vein stripping is a surgical procedure that is used for the treatment of varicose veins under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The problematic veins are pulled out Wachs Varizen Negative the body by a flexible device is pushed through the vein and removed through an incision in the groin area again.

Smaller tributaries of these veins also be pulled out with such a device or remotely through a series of small incisions z. The veins associated with deep vein will be cut off. A disadvantage of the veins trippings is that can occur at Behandlung von Gymnastik Beinen incision sites scars and can form clots in some cases. In addition, vein stripping can be painful, is time-consuming to implement and can be associated with a protracted recovery.

The vein stripping is still connected to the disadvantage of collateral vessels of the stripped vein can be damaged which can cause bleeding, which may in turn have the Wachs Varizen Negative of hematomas and other complications such as blood loss, pain, infection, nerve injury and swelling result.

Ein weiterer Nachteil des Venenstrippings besteht darin, dass die Patienten aufgrund der Verletzungen im Behandlungsbereich noch viele Stunden oder sogar viele Tage nach dem Eingriff unter Schmerzen leiden. A further Wachs Varizen Negative of the venous trippings is that the patients due to the injuries in the treatment area still suffer many hours or even several days after surgery pain.

The negative Wassergymnastik und effects associated Wachs Varizen Negative the implementation of such surgical procedures Wachs Varizen Negative anesthesia, such. As nausea, vomiting, and the risk of wound infections are to be regarded as a Wachs Varizen Negative of the venous trippings.

Another accepted method for the treatment of incompetent veins consists in the application of radio frequency "RF". An example of a RF-method is described in US patent application no. Electrodes are Wachs Varizen Negative through a catheter in the vein, the electrodes are positioned so that they contact the vein wall and it is RF energy applied through the electrodes to heat the vein wall selectively.

The RF energy is focused on the electrodes applied on the portions of the venous wall, communicating with the electrodes in contact, wherein there is a local heating of the venous tissue and fibrosis.

A drawback of RF methods is that a continuous contact between the RF electrodes and the vein wall is required, and is therefore discharged essentially only via these points of contact energy to the vein wall. A further drawback of RF methods is that they are time-consuming and can be stressful for the patient thus, as otherwise desired. In addition, RF methods have the disadvantage that the RF catheters and electrodes may be relatively in producing complex and cost-intensive than other if desired.

Another minimally invasive treatment of varices, which belongs to the prior art, the endoluminal laser ablation "ELA". In a typical, belonging to the prior art ELA method, an optical fiber is introduced through a lock into the vein to be treated.

The optical waveguide comprises at the distal end on a flat emission surface. A typical electro-acoustic method, which belongs to the prior art, includes the following steps: First, a guide wire is inserted into the vein to be treated, preferably with the aid of an insertion needle.

Then a lock is introduced over the guide wire and advanced to a treatment site. Wachs Varizen Negative the guide wire is removed, the lock remains in its original location. The with a laser light source coupled optical fiber is then inserted through the sheath and positioned so that there are planar emission surface at the distal end of the Wachs Varizen Negative and the airlock at the same point.

The fabric, which surrounds the vein to be treated is then anesthetized by tumescent. Prior to the laser irradiation, the lock is retracted so far from the planar emitting surface that damage to the lock can be excluded by the emitted laser energy.

During the emission of laser energy of the laser optical waveguide and the sheath are pulled together to treat a desired length of the vein and sealed. Del Giglio discloses an exemplary conventional apparatus and an exemplary conventional method for percutaneous laser therapy with minimal entry into the treatment area.

Wachs Varizen Negative occurring vascular abnormalities such as Kapillarerkrankungen, check this out araneus, hemangiomas and varices can be selectively removed. There is a needle inserted into the vascular structure to be treated and the anomalies are exposed to the emitted laser radiation.

The device makes it possible to align the laser light-emitting optical fiber during treatment, and to position. An extension piece ensures that the optical click is located relative Wachs Varizen Negative a handpiece always in a fixed position and at a fixed distance to this handpiece, so that the user knows the penetration depth with which the optical waveguide was inserted into the vein.

The optical fiber has a bare, uncoated tip having a planar beam emission surface. The laser energy is delivered in high-energy pulses in the portions of the vein wall, which are in contact with the bare fiber tip. The wavelength of the laser energy is between about nm and about nm and the duration of each pulse is about 0.

Each pulse is delivered about 5 watts to about 20 watts of energy to the vein wall. Data collected over the length of the treated vein and the total energy emitted at treated veins. The wavelength of the applied laser energy was nm or nm. Of the treated veins were 85 The average energy released in this group was successfully treated veins The average energy delivered to the vein 26 in the group of failed treatments was

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